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Wave goodbye to poor connections and sluggish speeds, Dyfed Telecom are here to help. From Pembrokeshire to Anglesey and everywhere in between, we provide customers across Wales with a fast, reliable alternative to fibre broadband.

For towns, villages and rural settings, our 4G and 5G mobile broadband boxes are the ideal solution. Whether you’re working from home, bingeing your favourite series or running a business, our mobile broadband packages will have you hooked up to the UK’s fastest mobile network in no time.

Over 5,000 homes, farms & other businesses use Dyfed Telecom for their mobile broadband. See if you can too!

Why Choose Dyfed Telecom

We provide 4G and 5G Broadband Internet to households, farms and businesses across Wales. From rural Pembrokeshire to Anglesey and everywhere in between, we’re committed to bringing fast, reliable broadband to those who need it.


No Data Or Bandwidth Caps


Covering The Whole of Wales


 Better Value Than A Leased Line


 Free Coverage Check For Strength Of Signal


 4G & 5G Broadband For Residential & Business Customers


 Excellent Aftercare & Support

Are you struggling with slow or unreliable broadband?
Get 4G and 5G Mobile Broadband for your home

Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation, free speed test at your home farm or business.

Welcome To Dyfed Telecom’s Rural 4G & 5G Broadband for Home & Business

Broadband supplied to the home of Scott Quinnell, in Monmouthshire

For homes, farms and businesses in rural areas, our 4G and 5G mobile broadband packages offer a speedy alternative to fibre. We believe that everybody deserves to be connected, and pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of packages designed to suit every requirement.

Whether you’re looking to stream, game, call or work, our EE Mobile Broadband routers provide reliable connectivity for multiple devices. There’s no fiddly installation, no complicated wiring and no bulky tech.

How Can You Benefit From Dyfed’s Mobile Broadband?

In a world reliant on internet connectivity, secluded areas are often left behind. We’re here to change that. With our mobile broadband packages, individuals and small businesses in rural Wales will have access to fast, reliable broadband.

What’s included?

Our packages include the installation of external antennas and the setup of internal routers. For larger properties or farms with multiple outbuildings, we can provide wireless boosters for maximum reach. What’s more, each of our customers receive unbeatable aftercare and technical support for the duration of their contract.

Key benefits

Among the many benefits of our 4G Mobile Broadband packages are:

Unlimited monthly data allowance

No caps, no throttling, no worries.

Flexibility and portability

4G & 5G customers will have access to great internet from anywhere within the coverage area.

Quick installation

No need for extensive wiring or installation processes.

High-speed connectivity

4G & 5G networks offer faster speeds compared to older generations.

Wide availability

4G & 5G networks have extensive coverage in many regions.

Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation,
free speed test at your home farm or business

Fast 4G mobile broadband supplied in Gower to the home of Wales grand slam winning coach, Mike Ruddock! Pictured with him is the lovely Lewis!

Contracts & Packages

We’re pleased to offer a selection of Mobile Broadband packages to our customers. Simply give us a call if you’re ready to speak now or request a callback and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss our available contracts and deals.

I’m interested! What now?

Following your enquiry, one of our friendly team will give you a call to clarify what is available in terms of packages, prices and options. We will then arrange a no-obligation site survey, during which one of our trained engineers will assess your property and perform a speed test. This is to determine the optimum location for your mobile broadband setup.

Should you decide that it’s right for you, an engineer will be dispatched to install your 4G or 5G mobile broadband at the next convenient date.

Can I Get A Grant For This?

You are probably eligible for the Welsh government superfast broadband grant if you cannot get fibre.

Ask us about this and we will help you with the whole process in applying and getting it approved. If successful, this will cover all upfront costs.

What our customers think

Are you struggling with slow or unreliable broadband?
Get 4G and 5G Mobile Broadband for your home

Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation, free speed test at your home farm or business.

4G Broadband FAQs

Our mobile broadband packages are ideal for areas experiencing weak fibre connection; all you’ll need is a decent signal on the EE network. Don’t worry if your connection seems intermittent or patchy, our expert engineers can install strong antennas to achieve the best results possible.

The Access Broadband Cymru grant scheme is a government initiative designed to subsidise the equipment or installation costs of new broadband connections for homes and businesses in Wales. Here at Dyfed, we’re here to assist customers every step of the way, from application to approval.

Applications for the Access Broadband Cymru scheme must be submitted via the government portal, but we’re more than happy to lend a hand. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team to find out how we can assist with the process.

Eligibility is dependent on your current broadband speed, and the potential for improvement. New connections must be at least twice as fast as your current download speeds.

The amount of funding provided by the scheme is relative to the speed of your new connection; £400 for 10Mbps and above or £800 for 30Mbps and above.

Unlike fibre broadband, our 4g and 5g routers are connected to the mobile phone network. This provides a greater signal in areas experiencing poor or non-existent fibre broadband.

Devices are connected to your router’s WI-FI, just as they would be with a normal landline-based box. Our routers are even compatible with older devices via Ethernet connection.

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Are you struggling with slow or unreliable broadband? Dyfed Telecom can help! No obligation, free of charge test at your home, farm or business.

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