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What our customers think

We’ve nearly had our Broadband from Dyfed Telecom for nearly 12 months. After having numerous problems with our other providers, we were getting beyond frustrated with our broadband so very slow. We were on a good day having between 2Mbps and 3 Mbps and as soon as evening came it was persistently dropping or even going off. It had to be sorted and my son seen on FB a company who boasted fast broadband. Being in lockdown it was important for us to have reliable Internet due to school work, with my daughter in year 11 doing her gscs. I got in touch and arranged for someone to do a test here. To even hear the engineer who came out saying that with the equipment that Dyfed Telecom had he was picking high speeds up, made us happy and kids were extremely happy. We got the figures and paperwork sorted. Then it was a matter of having the engineers to come out to sort out installing their equipment on side of our property. They were efficient and very clean and tidy. The lads didnt take long and after setting up the wireless box and cables we were good to go. Speeds are brilliant. We rarely go under 33Mbps download with about 15 Mbps upload. How fantastic is that. No more arguing and no more switching items off to boost the broadband. Highly recommend them. Supportive and courteous service always, whether its online or phone contact. Best thing we ever did. Thank you Dyfed Telecom for bringing our household up to speed and putting smiles on our faces.

Gwennie Jones

Dyfed Telecom – Great reliable service – No mess no fuss – highly recommended – one happy family.

Gareth Richards
Buttington, Welshpool

They decided to move over to Dyfed Telecom on the advice of our friends. The speed of wifi was so slow that there was nothing for the children to attend online lessons or for me to work from home as well. Therefore; Dyfed Telecom came out to our rescue; running tests with a speed objective of 20-35mbs. They came out to install the equipment soon and the service we have received is excellent. The company provides an excellent customer service and responds promptly and very effectively. The inquiry process to install the equipment is easy and of a high standard by a professional company specializing in their field.

Meinir Davies

We were looking for a replacement broadband company as our previous one was appaling. Within hours of contacting Dyfed Telecom they had surveyed our property to see if we could have installation. They then sorted out our grant and installation and within days we had speeds of up to 80mb, with a fantastic customer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them and have done so on numerous occasions in the last 18 months.

Stella Thomas

Impeccable service. I can only commend Dyfed Telecom on their service. From the outset they were helpful and knowledgeable, Beth at the office was outstanding and went above and beyond to help us with the grant forms through to the lad that came to install our internet, he worked tidily and did a fantastic job of siting the dish and getting us the best speeds possible. We have had no issues and have recommended Dyfed Telecom to several of our neighbours.

Jessica Evans

Thanks to Dyfed Telecom – transformed our broadband. Owain’s son can do his college work no problem now with no disruption. Getting on the British Cattle Movement Society (BCMS) etc with the farm is a lot easier now. Thanks again.

Elwyn Williams
Pandy Tudur, Abergele

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