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How do I get my Starlink installation through Dyfed Telecom?

STEP 1: We will carry out a free no obligation survey at your home or business to determine Starlink availability & speeds. Starlink will work almost everywhere, and is a perfect alternative if you’re in a mobile signal dead zone & can’t get any other forms of broadband.

STEP 2: Apply for the free Welsh Government broadband grant. We will assist with this process. We must do this before you order Starlink.

STEP 3: Grant approval usually takes a week or less. Only then should place your order for Starlink.

STEP 4: Once you know when your Starlink equipment is being delivered, call us back so we can arrange your installation. Our professional engineers install all the external and internal components. We can also provide you with WIFI boosters for in and around your property.

If you’re not in Wales or not eligible for a grant, we can still install Starlink for you! Prices may vary so get in touch for a quote!

Starlink Satellite Broadband

Starlink technology ensures reliable high-speed internet access in rural and remote Wales, with seamless access and uninterrupted streaming, connecting, and browsing.

Get in touch now to experience ultra-fast internet, low latency connections, and seamless installation, whether you’re a small business just starting out in the remote hills of Wales, or a big family juggling multiple devices and connections in the rural hills of Ceredigion.

Dyfed Telecom Starlink in Wales

What Is Starlink Satellite Broadband?

Starlink is the high-speed broadband service you’ve been looking for, providing ultra-fast internet round the globe with instant, anywhere, anytime connection.

Will Starlink Work at My Rural Home or Business?

Starlink is designed to give even the most rural areas the benefit of high-speed internet, with an easy installation process and fast, reliable broadband built for your countryside home in Wales.

How Does Starlink Broadband Work?

An internet constellation satellite from SpaceX, Starlink works by deploying thousands of small satellites in low Earth orbit, communicating with dishes on the ground to bring you the fastest broadband available. It differs from other broadband options in how speedy, resilient, and easy it is to install and move, with greater flexibility across various locations.

Professionally fitted by our team of experienced engineers.

Why Choose Starlink with Dyfed?


Starlink satellite service comes with no data or bandwidth caps, so you can get the speedy broadband you’re looking for without any of the limitations.


Wherever you, your business, or your family might be, our reliable Starlink satellite services cover any and every corner of rural and remote Wales.


We offer callout services that promise friendly, professional checks of whatever you need.


Our Starlink installation process is quick, simple, and stress-free, bringing you ultra-fast internet with an ultra-fast service.


If you run into any issues after we’ve installed your Starlink satellite, we’ve got you covered. Just reach out to one of our friendly team if you’re in need of assitance.

Are you struggling with slow or unreliable broadband?

Get Starlink Satellite Installed Anywhere Across Wales

Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation, free speed test at your home farm or business.

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Can I Get A Grant For This?

You are probably eligible for the Welsh government superfast broadband grant if you cannot get fibre.

Ask us about this and we will help you with the whole process in applying and getting it approved. If successful, this will cover all upfront costs.

Starlink Wales FAQs

If you’re wanting to move your Starlink dish to a different location, for example if you’ve recently moved house, the good news is that this is possible. Starlink’s user terminals can be easily installed and moved, even within extremely rural locations – you just have to make sure you’ve reconfigured your dish and updated your service address.

Starlink is designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide you with a quality performance, whatever the weather. It is much more reliable than a traditional satellite internet, as it’s less susceptible to disruptions caused by natural disasters or infrastructure damage.

When you sign up with Dyfed Telecom, you’ll receive a full warranty included with your Starlink service, covering manufacturing defects and malfunctions, as well as customer support to assist with troubleshooting and any other issues you might meet along the way.

Starlink is built to support VoIP and other critical business communications, enabling network connection in remote regions where traditional wired networks are otherwise unavailable.

For listed buildings or properties in conservation areas, there will be extensive assessments and plans in place to ensure a smooth Starlink installation that takes into account historical preservation. Site surveys and the obtaining of permits allow for optimal dish placement, as well as collaboration with stakeholders to make sure we remain compliant with local regulations and preservation guidelines.

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