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As a BT authorised supplier, we’re proud to deliver unbeatable internet access to businesses across Wales. Whether you’re in a rural town or the heart of the valleys, a BTnet leased line offers exceptional speeds, ultra-low latency and uninterrupted connection.

Our BTnet leased lines guarantee a connection your team can truly rely on. No more patchy signals or competing for bandwidth, you’ll have your own dedicated internet line, providing unlimited connectivity for calls, meetings, conferences and operations.

BTnet Business Leased Lines Packages & Contracts

Is a BTnet Leased Line right for your business?

Saturated bandwidths are bad news for businesses. Sluggish uploads and laggy video calls not only appear unprofessional, but they seriously impinge productivity. Whether you’re a growing startup or established organisation, a BTnet leased line offers dedicated connectivity and unbeatable speeds.

What’s more, 4G Unbeatable SLA and symmetric connectivity guarantees fast upload/download speeds, even in peak times. No more waiting around for cloud documents to load; with a BTnet leased line, it’s all at your fingertips.

What speeds can you expect?

BTnet leased lines are available with speeds from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps. That’s enough to support your entire business as it grows!

Of course, reliability is essential for business; BT’s 100% target availability 4G SLA ensures you’re always connected.


With a BTnet leased line, you get a dedicated internet line and don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. So you get exceptional speeds – with ultra-low latency – that never, ever slow down.

  • Symmetric speeds
  • 4G Unbeatable SLA
  • BTnet – your own private line

Choose the best leased line plan for your business

When it comes to your business, flexibility is key. BTnet offers superfast solutions that can be adapted alongside your operations.

For smaller organisations, BTnet express is a solid choice, providing a dedicated line with guaranteed upload and download speeds of 50Mbps.

For larger businesses, however, our BTnet packages are perfect. Ranging from 200 Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps and boasting maximum upload and download speeds of 1Gbps, BTnet leased lines are an ideal choice for businesses that hope to scale their speeds in line with their business requirements.

What are some benefits of a BTnet private leased line?

A strong, reliable internet connection exists as the backbone of almost every modern enterprise. From universities and councils to businesses and community organisations, fast broadband facilitates productivity.

A BTnet leased line router will ensure that your entire team has access to uninterrupted internet connection at all times. Unlike a standard broadband connection, a leased line is private. This means that the connection runs from the exchange, directly into your business.

As well as super-fast upload and download times, a BTnet leased line ensures consistency throughout the day. Whereas other businesses may experience a significant reduction in productivity during peak usage times, yours will run as smoothly as ever.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how a BTnet leased line would boost your business.

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How long is a BTnet leased line contract?

Our BTnet leased line contracts range from three to five years, depending on your business requirements. During this time, you’ll still have access to add-ons and upgrades, should your business needs change.

To find out which of our packages is best-suited to your business, simply request a callback with a member of our expert team.

For a list of our BT services call one of our representatives today on 01267 253134

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BTnet Leased Line FAQs

We’re pleased to supply a range of BTnet leased line packages, designed to suit a selection of businesses. Options span from 200Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps and can be upgraded flexibly. All BTnet leased lines run directly from the exchange to your premises.

BTnet leased lines are contracted through BT. However, as your dedicated service provider, Dyfed Telecom will arrange and assist with any issues you may have. Whether you’re looking for technical advice or upgrade assistance, we’re just a phone call away and always happy to help.

Cyber-security is a major concern for modern businesses. Thankfully, BTnet leased lines offer top-tier protection from a wide range of threats. Optional security add-ons include firewall technology, file back-up and storage and threat detection/prevention software. It’s no wonder businesses across Wales trust our BTnet leased lines.

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