Dyfed Telecom was established with customer service at heart.
A personal service, transparency & aftercare are our core values.

For far too long, families, farms and businesses in Randor have put up with patchy connections and sluggish broadband.

Here at Dyfed Telecom, we’re here to change this. Our sights are set on bringing cutting-edge 4G, 5G, and Ultrafast Fibre Broadband to the doorsteps of homes and businesses across the county.

Say goodbye to buffering videos and interrupted calls; embrace a new era of seamless connectivity.

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Looking for 4G & 5G Mobile Broadband and Ultrafast Fibre In Radnor?

Whether you’re nestled away or running a bustling business, our 4G, 5G, and Ultrafast Fibre packages ensure you stay connected, always. Our solutions are designed with Radnor’s diverse landscape in mind, ensuring that even the most remote areas receive strong, consistent signals.

As authorised suppliers of both EE and BT products, we’re proud to provide high-speed connections and unparalleled customer service. Our local presence means we’re always just a call away, ready to address any concerns or queries you may have.

It’s no wonder we’re Radnor’s trusted broadband partner.

What our customers think

Dyfed Telecom: Radnor’s Trusted Rural Broadband Provider

We provide 4G and 5G Broadband Internet to households, farms and businesses in Radnor and beyond. From rural Powys to the isle of Anglesey and everywhere in between, we’re committed to bringing fast, reliable broadband to those who need it.


No Data Or Bandwidth Caps


Comprehensive Coverage Across Radnor


 Better Value Than A Leased Line


 Free Coverage Check For Strength Of Signal


 4G & 5G Broadband For Residential & Business Customers


Unmatched Aftercare & Support

Welcome To Dyfed Telecom’s Rural 4G & 5G Broadband for Home & Business

We believe that Radnor deserves top-notch connectivity. That’s why our 4G and 5G mobile broadband packages are designed to offer homes, farms, and businesses super-fast alternatives to traditional fibre. No complicated installations, no bulky tech – just pure, uninterrupted internet. Our team of experts ensures a smooth transition, guiding you through every step, from choosing the right package to post-installation support.

Our journey starts with a simple conversation over the phone, where our expert team will guide you through our array of packages. After our chat, we’ll schedule a complimentary, no-commitment speed test at a time that aligns with your schedule. This visit offers us the chance to talk face to face, and allows us to pinpoint the best spot for the antenna and router placement. If it’s all looking good, we’ll set a date that’s convenient for you to carry out the installation and configuration.

Why Dyfed Telecom’s Mobile Broadband?

In addition to comprehensive aftercare our customers receive:

  • Unlimited monthly data allowance – No caps, no throttling, no problem.
  • Flexibility and portability – 4G customers will have access to great internet from anywhere within the Powys coverage area.
  • Quick installation – No need for extensive wiring or installation processes.
  • High-speed connectivity – 4G networks offer faster speeds compared to older generations.
  • Wide availability – 4G networks have extensive coverage in Ceredigion and beyond.

To discover all that our 4G and 5G Mobile Broadband services have to offer, visit our dedicated page or give us a call.

Reliable Fibre Broadband For Farms And Businesses In Radnor

Ultrafast Fibre

The Dyfed Telecom Group are offering BT’s new Ultrafast fibre broadband around the UK now. With download speeds of up to 314 Mbps, Ultrafast broadband for businesses lets more of your team do more online at the same time, increasing your productivity and efficiency

  • Speed Guaranteed
  • 4G Assure Technology
  • Enhanced Benefits
  • BT Business Smart Hub

Grant your business the speed it deserves with BT’s Ultrafast Business Fibre broadband

Experience the speed your enterprise needs with our BT Ultrafast Fibre Broadband offerings. Whether you’re spearheading a new startup or managing a larger business, our mission is to keep Radnor connected.

From virtual conferences to day-to-day tasks, our Ultrafast Fibre solutions deliver speeds of up to 314Mbps, even at peak times. This means boundless data without any restrictions or slowdowns.

Is your business ready for BT Ultrafast Fibre Broadband?

Every business, regardless of its scale, requires a robust internet connection. From digital conferences to daily workflows, BT’s Ultrafast Fibre broadband is designed to supercharge your business’s efficiency.

Of course, for businesses in Radnor and beyond, cyber protection is paramount; BT Ultrafast Fibre Broadband offers superior security measures compared to other leading providers. This ensures round-the-clock safeguarding you can rely on.

To learn more about our BT Ultrafast Fibre packages, get in touch with a member of our team or visit our dedicated page.

Our Promise To You

Central to our operations is a willingness to go above and beyond for families, farms and businesses in Radnor. We pledge to provide a personal touch, ensuring every interaction is warm and genuine.

From free, no-obligation speed tests to comprehensive aftercare throughout your contract, Dyfed Telecom are committed to providing tailored services to those who need them.

We will…

  • Conduct a free, no obligation speed test at your property.
  • Set up and install routers and hardware at your office, business, farm or home.
  • Provide a fully personalised service
  • Offer comprehensive aftercare for the full length of your contract.

Our work is about much more than great broadband; it’s about building lasting relationships and ensuring Radnor’s digital future shines brightly.

Are you struggling with slow or unreliable broadband? Dyfed Telecom can help! No obligation, free of charge test at your home, farm or business.

No landline required. Government grants available to cover installation & equipment cost. Contact us today to arrange a free site survey and quote

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