Dyfed Telecom was established with customer service at heart.
A personal service, transparency & aftercare are our core values.

Dyfed Telecom is excited to bring our advanced 4G, 5G, and Ultrafast Fibre Broadband packages to residents, farms and businesses. As official partners of EE and BT, we promise the most competitive deals and versatile options for our customers.

Our high-speed internet, superior aftercare, and exceptional customer service are designed to meet the diverse needs of Caernarfon’s homes and businesses. Whether for personal use or professional growth, our reliable connectivity ensures that a slow internet connection is a thing of the past.

4G & 5G Mobile Broadband and Ultrafast Fibre – Now in Caernarfon

In Caernarfon, where traditional broadband often falls short, our tailored 4G, 5G, and Ultrafast Fibre solutions are a game changer. Whether you’re nestled in the serene countryside or running a bustling business in the town centre, our broadband services are designed to meet your specific needs.

From uninterrupted business communications to entertainment at its best, we ensure that every corner of Caernarfon stays connected with unparalleled internet speeds.

What our customers think

Dyfed Telecom: Your Gateway to Superior Rural Broadband in Caernarfon

At Dyfed Telecom, we’re committed to empowering the Caernarfon community with top-tier 4G and 5G broadband internet. From Caethro to Y Felinheli and everywhere in between, our services provide a level of customer care that is not only local, but truly understanding of your needs.


No Data Or Bandwidth Caps


Comprehensive Coverage Across Caernarfon


 Better Value Than A Leased Line


 Free Coverage Check For Strength Of Signal


 4G & 5G Broadband For Residential & Business Customers


Unmatched Aftercare & Support

Advanced 4G & 5G Broadband Solutions for Home & Business in Caernarfon

For homes and businesses in Caernarfon, our 4G and 5G broadband offerings provide a fast, reliable, and hassle-free alternative to traditional internet services. With easy-to-set-up mobile SIM connections and minimal hardware requirements, you can enjoy super-fast internet without the fuss of complex installations. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way, from selecting the perfect package to ensuring the optimal setup at your premises.

Why Choose Mobile Broadband?

In addition to comprehensive aftercare our customers receive:

  • Unlimited monthly data allowance – No caps, no throttling, no problem.
  • Flexibility and portability – 4G customers will have access to great internet from anywhere within the Powys coverage area.
  • Quick installation – No need for extensive wiring or installation processes.
  • High-speed connectivity – 4G networks offer faster speeds compared to older generations.
  • Wide availability – 4G networks have extensive coverage in Powys and beyond.

To discover all that our 4G and 5G Mobile Broadband services have to offer, visit our dedicated page. Alternatively, give us a call to discuss our packages and book your no-obligation free speed test.

Looking to Upgrade your farm or business with Fibre Broadband in Caernarfon, Wales?

Ultrafast Fibre

The Dyfed Telecom Group are offering BT’s new Ultrafast fibre broadband around the UK now. With download speeds of up to 314 Mbps, Ultrafast broadband for businesses lets more of your team do more online at the same time, increasing your productivity and efficiency

  • Speed Guaranteed
  • 4G Assure Technology
  • Enhanced Benefits
  • BT Business Smart Hub

Grow your Caernarfon business with BT’s Ultrafast Business Fibre broadband by Dyfed Telecom

Benefits of BT’s Ultrafast Fibre Broadband with Dyfed Telecom?

When it comes to your livelihood, a robust internet connection is not a luxury but a necessity. BT’s Ultrafast Fibre Broadband, offered by Dyfed Telecom, provides unmatched speeds and reliability, ensuring that your business operations in Caernarfon are always running smoothly.

From high-stakes client calls to efficient internal communication, our broadband packages are engineered to support all aspects of your business.

Is BT Ultrafast Fibre Broadband right for your business?

Are you considering enhancing your farm or business in Caernarfon with state-of-the-art internet connectivity? Dyfed Telecom’s Ultrafast Fibre Broadband is the perfect choice. Designed to cater to the demanding needs of modern businesses, our fibre solutions guarantee not just speed but also reliability and security.

The Dyfed Promise

At Dyfed Telecom, our promise to Caernarfon extends beyond providing top-notch broadband services. It’s about forging a relationship based on trust, transparency, and tailored support.

Here’s what the Dyfed Promise means for you:

  • Bespoke Broadband Solutions: We cater to your unique needs, whether for homes, farms, or businesses, ensuring our services perfectly align with your lifestyle or business demands.
  • No-Obligation Speed Tests: We begin with a comprehensive speed assessment at your location to tailor our services to enhance your connectivity experience effectively.
  • Effortless Installation and Support: Our skilled technicians manage a smooth installation process, and we offer ongoing support throughout your contract. You can rely on us for quick assistance and aftercare.
  • Transparent and Fair Pricing: Expect clear, straightforward pricing with no hidden costs. We value honesty in our dealings, ensuring you get the service you pay for.

The Dyfed Promise is our assurance of quality, care, and a commitment to a connected Caernarfon.

Are you struggling with slow or unreliable broadband? Dyfed Telecom can help! No obligation, free of charge test at your home, farm or business.

No landline required. Government grants available to cover installation & equipment cost. Contact us today to arrange a free site survey and quote

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