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A personal service, transparency & aftercare are our core values.

Homes, farms and businesses in Merionethshire deserve the very best in internet connectivity. Dyfed Telecom are proud to present a range of broadband solutions, designed to cater to the unique requirements of residents and enterprises across the picturesque county.

From long distance video calls to late night binges, our range of rural broadband internet options are designed to suit the needs of families and professionals across Wales.

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4G & 5G Mobile Broadband and Ultrafast Fibre In Merioneth

When it comes to connectivity, residents of Merioneth deserve nothing but the best. From Barmouth to Tywyn, we’re here to ensure sluggish broadband remains a thing of the past.

Whether you’re bingeing your favourite shows, taking care of social media or settling into a gaming marathon, our range of packages are tailored to your requirements.

Families, farms and businesses are free to browse, roam, stream, call and grow with Dyfed Telecom’s 4G & 5G Mobile Broadband and Ultrafast Fibre.

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Why Choose Dyfed Telecom As Your Rural Broadband Provider?

We provide 4G and 5G Broadband Internet to households, farms and businesses across Merioneth. From Maentwrog to Pennal and everywhere in between, we’re committed to bringing fast, reliable broadband to those who need it.


No Data Or Bandwidth Caps


Comprehensive Coverage Across Merioneth


 Better Value Than A Leased Line


 Free Coverage Check For Strength Of Signal


 4G & 5G Broadband For Residential & Business Customers


Unmatched Aftercare & Support

4G & 5G Broadband for Homes & Businesses In Rural Merioneth

Coastal towns and countryside villages deserve impeccable internet connectivity. That said, wired connections aren’t always the best solution. Our 4G and 5G mobile broadband packages are designed to provide steadfast alternatives to traditional broadband, ensuring every home and business remains online. With a seamless installation process and top-tier technology, we’re here to bring Merioneth up to speed.

Our process starts with a simple conversation over the phone, during which a member of our team will introduce you to our range of broadband options. After our discussion, we’ll schedule a free, commitment-free speed assessment at a convenient time for you. This visit serves as an opportunity for us to discuss your specific requirements and to determine the best location for the antenna and router. After our in-person meeting, the next step is for you to choose a suitable date for the installation.

Why Do Homes And Businesses In Cardigan Choose Dyfed?

As well as unbeatable aftercare and stress-free communication, our customers receive:

  • Unlimited monthly data allowance – No caps, no throttling, no problem.
  • Flexibility and portability – 4G customers will have access to great internet from anywhere within the Powys coverage area.
  • Quick installation – No need for extensive wiring or installation processes.
  • High-speed connectivity – 4G networks offer faster speeds compared to older generations.
  • Wide availability – 4G networks have extensive coverage in Ceredigion and beyond.

To discover all that our 4G and 5G Mobile Broadband services have to offer, visit our dedicated page or give us a call.

How are Dyfed Telecom Helping Farms and Businesses in Merioneth?

Ultrafast Fibre

The Dyfed Telecom Group are offering BT’s new Ultrafast fibre broadband around the UK now. With download speeds of up to 314 Mbps, Ultrafast broadband for businesses lets more of your team do more online at the same time, increasing your productivity and efficiency

  • Speed Guaranteed
  • 4G Assure Technology
  • Enhanced Benefits
  • BT Business Smart Hub

BT’s Ultrafast Business Fibre broadband grants businesses in Merioneth the speeds they deserve

For farms and businesses across Merioneth, reliable broadband is a necessity. With lightning-fast speeds and seamless connectivity, our packages ensure your business operations are efficient and uninterrupted.

Whether you’re hosting virtual conferences or working through day-to-day tasks, our wide range of Ultrafast Fibre options allow you to do so with ease.

BT’s Ultrafast Fibre packages boast speeds of up to 314Mbps, even during peak times. That means unlimited connectivity, with no data caps and no throttling.

Is BT Ultrafast Fibre Broadband right for your business?

Whether you’re expanding your reach or building a brand, a top-notch internet connection is crucial. We’re proud to provide businesses in Merioneth with superior ultra-fast fibre, ensuring optimal connectivity and heightened security.

For more details on our BT Ultrafast Fibre options, reach out to our team or visit our dedicated page.

The Dyfed Promise

At Dyfed, our mission is to offer reliable, expert services to all our valued clients. Whether you’re thinking of joining us or looking to enhance your current agreement, our devoted team ensures an unmatched level of customer care.

We will…

  • Conduct a free, no obligation speed test at your property.
  • Set up and install routers and hardware at your office, business, farm or home.
  • Provide a fully personalised service
  • Offer comprehensive aftercare for the full length of your contract.

It’s no wonder we have over 3,500 happy customers across Wales.

Are you struggling with slow or unreliable broadband? Dyfed Telecom can help! No obligation, free of charge test at your home, farm or business.

No landline required. Government grants available to cover installation & equipment cost. Contact us today to arrange a free site survey and quote

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